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Login Form

Login form with multiple authentication options: builtin authentication, LDAP authentication example

The login form is available from any page at top right. Depending on Authentication plugins available, FusionForge displays one tab per plugin.
The default plugin Built-In Authentication provides links to:

  • reset lost password
  • create new account if configuration flag user_registration_restricted is not set (default value is no).
  • resend confirmation email to pending account.

Password modification


User can modify their password directly from their account page.
The modification password form requires:

  • the old password of the user
  • the new password the user wants to set. For validation, the user must repeat the new password in the form.

Important: password modification works with the default Built-In plugin.

Lost password

Lost PW Hash Form

User can reset their password in case of password lost.
It is a 3-step actions:

  • use the lost password link on the Login form
  • set the user unique account name in Lost password form. Click on Send lost PW hash". It will send an email to the user email as register in FusionForge. If the email is not valid, user will not be able to reset the password.
  • once user received the email, click on the URL and set the new password.

Forge Command Line

The command forge_set_password provides an easy way to modify any user password. The command is available in ~/bin/ folder.

 ./forge_set_password <user_unixname> <new_password>