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This widget displays the artifacts related to the logged user.


User personal homepage


Single instance of the widget per page.

Displayed Information

Ff myartifacts widget.png

The artifacts are organized per tracker per project. User permissions apply. Only readable trackers by the user are listed.
Each artifact row displays the following information:

  • priority
  • clickable artifact title pointing to detailled artifact page
  • status: assigned, monitored or submitted

Each main row (project - tracker) displays:

  • clickable arrow to open/close artifact rows
  • clickable title to jump to the related tracker
  • number of filtered artifacts in bracket following preference setting

In the main bar of the widget, 3 actions are available:

  • preferences: access to the user preference settings
  • minimize widget button
  • destroy widget button

Preferences Menu


The preferences menu offers you the following options:

  • None: no artifacts are displayed.
  • Assigned to (A): artifacts assigned to the user
  • Submitted by (S): artifacts submitted by the user
  • Monitored by (M): artifacts the user is monitoring.

Other options are the mix of (A), (S) and/or (M).
The preferences apply to the widget to all trackers the user has at least read access.
Default preferences value is: ASM.