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There are .deb packages available for Debian and derivatives such as Ubuntu.

The Debian repositories contain official packages of FusionForge 5.3.x, for jessie/8 and unstable.

  • Status in the Package Tracking System)
  • Coming soon: 5.3 through backports.debian.org
  • Note: Debian old-stable (squeeze) has packages for FusionForge 5.0.x.
  • The "experimental" Debian section may also contain snapshots of the development version.

See README.Debian files in /usr/share/doc/[fusionforge*|gforge*] dirs for details on installation instructions or configuration issues (some packages still have a gforge- prefix whereas some are named fusionforge-; the naming migration will be finished in the next FusionForge version).

You can create your own FusionForge packages (possibly including local patches), see Building and installation FusionForge.