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** [[Blocks_Plugin|Blocks]]
** [[Blocks_Plugin|Blocks]]
** [[Widget_Forge_System_Information|System Information]]
** [[Widget_Forge_System_Information|System Information]]
** [[Widget_Forge_Latest_Public_Diary_Notes|Latest public diary Notes]]
'''Default activated widgets''':
'''Default activated widgets''':

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Forge Top Header Detail
Default index_std.php page
Widget System Default view

The Forge homepage is divided in two main divs. On top, the default header, then the main page. This top header includes the following elements:

  • Forge headermenu (1)
  • Quick Jump Menu, if user is logged and is member of a project. (2)
  • Search Menu (3)
  • Forge outermenu (4)

The project menu is described in the dedicated page: Project homepage

The second part is the main page that can be either a PHP page or widget oriented.

Forge headermenu

headermenu detail core features

headermenu extensions

New entries in this submenu can be added using the Headermenu plugin. It requires forge admin permission.
Online Help Plugin adds a specific entry in this menu.

Quick Jump Menu

this menu is dynamically generated by using the project membership of the user and the permission settings of the user within each project the user belongs. Using the configuration use_quicknav_default flag adjusts the included project in the quick jump menu based on the frequency of pages within project membership to select the 5 top used projects and limit the size of the quick jump menu to these 5 projects.

Search Menu

The search menu is dynamically generated. From the Forge Homepage, you can search for:

  • Projects
  • People
  • Documents
  • Skills

More information about Search menu here.

Forge outermenu

Outermenu detail core features

  • Home: point to the Forge homepage.
  • My page: if connected, point to the User personal homepage, else redirect to the authentication mechanism.
  • Projects: point to the project categorization: tag cloud, project tree using trove, project list
  • Code Snippets
  • Project Openings
  • Site admin: requires forge admin permission
  • Reporting: requires forge admin permission
  • Project Name tab: dynamically created if user is browsing a page of the project.

Outermenu extensions

New entries in this submenu can be added using the Headermenu plugin. It requires forge admin permission.

Page Customization

2 options to customize the Forge homepage.

  • use a custom PHP page
  • use the Widget System and select layout & widgets to display

Use PHP page

By default, FusionForge uses the index_std.php file shipped with the FusionForge version. This file located in source_path/www/ can be overwritten by creating a new file index_std.php in the folder defined as custom_path value in the configuration core section.

A more complex solution is to overwrite the inclusion of the index_std.php directly in the theme mechanism.

Both solutions require PHP/html skills.

Use Widget System

To use widgets on Forge Homepage, it requires to turn on the configuration flag forge_homepage_widget in the core section.

Available widgets per category

Default activated widgets: