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FusionForge provides a complete forum system.

Main Features

Available Widgets

User Oriented Widgets


To enable this system at forge level, the configuration flag use_forum must be set to yes. Per project, the system can be enable/disable through the Project admin page.

Forums Main Page

Text Format in Message

The text format of the Message can include reference to other Fusionforge objects such as document, artifact, forum message, task as long as these objects belong to the same project. To do so, users can use the following syntax:

  • [#xxx] refers to an artifact where xxx is the id of an artifact
  • [Dxxx] refers to a document where xxx is the id of a document
  • [Rxxx] refers to a file release where xxx is the id of the release
  • [Txxx] refers to a task where xxx is the id of a task
  • [forum:xxx] refers to a forum message where xxx is the id of a forum message
  • [wiki:xxx] refers to a wiki page where xxx is the name of the page