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Packaged install

If official packages are available for your distribution, we recommend you use them.

Debian and derivatives

.deb packages are available for Debian, see DEB Installation.

RPM based distributions

.rpm packages are available for RedHat/CentOS, see RPM Installation.

Virtual Machine image for testing

An image for a Virtual machine development environment is made available for easy testing.

Note that it's meant to be used for evaluation and for getting familiar with development, rather than for a production site.

Use docker container

You can use FusionForge official docker image to test FusionForge.

More information about running this image can be found at the dedicated Docker page.

Installing from source

Migrating from old versions

Even if the upgrade from version X to version Y is correctly handle by FusionForge, you may need to do specific activities to migrate from very old version to latest. Here are some feedback from users which have perform migration: