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FusionForge comes with standard Mailman integration.


Mailing lists are hosted at:

The Lists tab in each project allows project members to list and configuration their project mailing lists.


Reset sitewide lists admin password



No mailman list

Mailman requires a default mailman list to be created. If your distro didn't do it already:

newlist mailman root@localhost.localdomain PaSsWoRd
service mailman restart

Debian Wheezy->Jessie upgrade

Debian applied a patch for Mailman that unifies UTF-8 support. Unfortunately this can cause issue if you list had accents e.g. in the list descriptions.

To fix this:

  • make sure you upgraded /var/lib/mailman/messages/ (in particular if you reused /var/lib/mailman/ from your previous installation)
  • Use something like the following to convert the configuration of problematic lists:
do config_list -o- $listname | iconv -f ISO-8859-9 -t UTF-8 > tmpconf; config_list -i tmpconf $listname
  • use /var/lib/mailman/bin/unshunt to deliver mails blocked in /var/lib/mailman/qfiles/shunt/ due to encoding issues

See also

  • Mail configuration : configure the base MTA such as Postfix or Exim
  • DNS : configuration DNS for receiving e-mails
  • Mailman Plugin (work in progress) : aims at integrating Mailman and archives further into the FusionForge web interface
  • Sympa plugin (work in progress)