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Pasted from Lolando's blog at [1]:

You may have heard about the Coclico project, which is an initiative aiming at collaboration and convergence between several forge engines, most notably FusionForge, Codendi and Novaforge. That project was started last October, and it holds regular meetings with its members. The next meeting is scheduled for the 2nd of February in Paris, and we thought we could host an open meeting on the 3rd for non-Coclico members, a bit like the forge meeting we had last year (which is when FusionForge was officially born), but with an emphasis on what Coclico did so far. Since most of the FusionForge hackers are in Western Europe, and several are in Paris (especially if we add those who go to Paris for the Coclico meeting), we thought it would also be a good opportunity to gather for a technical and social meeting.

It seems the Coclico open session didn't generate much interest this time (at least, it hasn't so far), so I proposed to hijack the room for this FusionForge meeting, and I didn't hear any objections. I have several themes I'd like to discuss with people, and possibly start implementing during that day:

   * database maintenance and schema: unification of the upgrade scripts (including for plugins), cleanup of obsolete stuff, addition of missing constraints, and so on;
   * configuration system: my initial prototype didn't raise many objections (at least in its scope), now what to do with the next steps?
   * packaging and installation system: what needs to be done to keep the three ways of installation (manual, *.deb, *.rpm) in sync with as little work as possible?
   * permissions system: clarification of what happens currently, ideas for evolution;
   * plugins and interaction with external software: do we lack stuff that would make this easier?
   * roadmap, long-term plans, this sort of things;
   * other things that users may want to discuss with hackers?
   * possibly drink a beer or two;

…and so on. These are in no way specific to FusionForge, and in fact I think it would be great if hackers/users of other forges were present, because we could benefit a great deal from their experience and plans. But if we find ourselves amongst FF people only, I think these would be good to discuss, possibly write some code for, and go home with a clearer picture of where our efforts should focus in the near future.

I'd therefore like to invite interested people to mark the 3rd of February on their agendas. The meeting will take place in Issy-les-Moulineaux (near Paris, within reach of the tube). If you're interested, please get in touch with us (#FusionForge on the FreeNode IRC network, or the fusionforge-general mailing-list), so we can have a rough estimate of how many people to expect. The meeting room is provided by France Télécom, and they're probably going to need numbers if not names. Further details will be announced when known.