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Meeting October 2012, Paris




  1. everyone says hi and who they are
  1. then, why not participant introductions with slides (if they want) in "speed dating mode" including presentations of their forges specificities ? Olberger (talk) - (mirabilos) nice idea, but let's introduce everyone first, so we have names/faces mapping for when questions arise during the lightning talks


  • project ROADMAP
  • Plugins development process / branching : separation between core and plugins ?

Development tools

  • Migration to a DVCS


  • Separating the Debian, RPM, etc. packaging files from the main project's repository
  • Clean and find consistency between rpm / deb
    • We have 3 possibility to install fusionforge (deb, rpm, and source archive). And each install is different. For example :
      • 5.1 in deb create /etc/fusionforge/fusionforge.conf but not in rpm
      • 5.1 in deb create /etc/gforge/gforge.conf (deprecated no ?)
      • 5.1 in deb create debian-install.ini and debian-install-secrets.in but not in rpm
      • 5.1.1 in rpm don't provide fusionforge-config
      • 5.1.1 in deb provide fusionforge-config and gforge-config (deprecated no?)
      • pg_hba.cong is not the same
    • Dont deploy deprecated files
    • Why rpm use dav svn default, and deb not.

I don't check in 5.2, but it becomes difficult to navigate, configure fusionforge between os installation.

Toward a common plugin infrastructure with other sourceforge derivated forge

  • Coclico project showed it was possible to make common plugin between codendi 4.0 and fusionforge
  • Pros :
    • Shared effort in maintaining same code
    • Planned integration of Mediawiki in Tuleap
    • Common build infrastructure (LXC also used in Tuleap build bot)
    • Shared translations
    • Shared eclipse plugin
  • Tuleap Goodies :
    • tracker plugin
    • agile dashboard plugin
    • cardwall plugin
    • Coming debian packaging
  • FusionForge goodies :
    • mediawiki plugin
    • auth* plugins
    • doaprdf plugin
    • foafprofile plugin
    • oslc plugin

political / governance

  • FusionForge Roadmap
  • Sustainability of the architecture & code-base
  • Potential for a community of interests with other FusionForge-using companies


  • Having a Face-to-Face meeting every once in a while doesn’t hurt.

Interested Parties

Add yourself here if you’d like to come, even if you didn’t get it confirmed by e.g. employer with travel budget, yet:

  • Thorsten Glaser (mirabilos), tarent solutions GmbH, EvolvisForge
  • Roland Mas (lolando), Gnurandal
  • Timo Pick, tarent solutions GmbH, EvolvisForge
  • Franck Villaume (nerville), TrivialDev
  • Christian Bayle, Orange Labs
  • Alain Peyrat, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Manuel Vacelet, Enalean
  • Julien Heyman, Atos
  • Wenceslas Petit, dgfip
  • Benoît Debaenst (tiben), TrivialDev

Arrival times

  • tarent arrives at Paris Nord at 09:59 (and stays overnight)


Let’s drink^Wsocialise a bit on the evening!


The Open World Forum happens in Paris the next day with a potential Forges session.