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  • Meet each others :)
  • Talk about everybody's work on forges
  • Plan the roadmap/features for the next FusionForge version, and prepare an announcement, grouping planned improvements by visibility:
    • End-user
    • Site-admins
    • Developers


  • Improve Ergonomy & accessibility
    • Involves a templating system (Symfony's Twig?)
  • Concurrent_WebDAV_and_SSH
    • leads: Gitolite-style single user? Apache-Fuse IPC?
  • Responsiveness (create projects & SSH keys immediately)
    • leads: dedicated daemon? Reuse tools like RabbitMQ or Redis, or re-code?
    • Or a job queue and a frequent cron job (every minute? five minutes?) that only runs what's needed
  • Common installation system & merge/minimize Debian packaging branch
  • Private Git repositories browsing [1]
  • NFS limitations (16 groups/user) - what to recommend? (kernel patch, webdav, iSCSI)
  • GID potential conflicts (user gids start at 20000, is at 39000 at Inria, projects starts at 50000)