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  • Meet each others :)
  • Talk about everybody's work on forges
  • Plan the roadmap/features for the next FusionForge version, and prepare an announcement, grouping planned improvements by visibility and use Fusionforge tracker to display it (roadmap) :
    • End-user
    • Site-admins
    • Developers


First, let's continue to discuss issues in the Friday IRC meeting - the meeting doesn't take over all forms of discussions ;)

Let's try to list impacting topics here. Express features, then the implementation details and impact (the ends rather than the means).

  • Improve Ergonomy & accessibility
    • Involves a templating system (Symfony's Twig?)
    • Use standard Fusionforge templating system, HTML and utils helpers to clean the code.
    • Rewrite the feedback / error_msg / warning_msg system using cookie ? use util_init_messages, util_save_messages
  • Concurrent_WebDAV_and_SSH
    • leads: Gitolite-style single user? Apache-Fuse IPC? SabreDav? Lolando's mod-itk experiment?
  • Responsiveness (create projects & SSH keys immediately)
    • leads: dedicated daemon? Reuse tools like RabbitMQ or Redis, or Fedmsg [1] [2] or re-code?
    • Or a job queue and a frequent cron job (every minute? five minutes?) that only runs what's needed (cf. job-server.pl experiment)
  • Release process
    • Make the release cycle *way* shorter, to help void forks (e.g. EvolvisForge stuck on 5.1) ; 5.4 or 6.0 ?
    • Use tracker vote system to adapt our roadmap ?
    • Taking care of the open Features Requests, Patches and Bugs. (20140405: 49 bugs, 15 patches, 85 feature requests)
  • Common installation system & merge/minimize Debian packaging branch
  • Private Git repositories browsing [3]
  • NFS limitations (16 groups/user) - what to recommend? (kernel patch, webdav, iSCSI)
  • GID potential conflicts (user gids start at 20000, is at 39000 at Inria, projects starts at 50000)
  • Planetforge, Forge Ecosystem
  • Continue Docman enhancement Docman_rewrite_proposition

If there's time, we could talk on trolly :

  • Long-term evolution : towards a framework, towards improved internal funcs, towards Drupal...

Ideas that didn't fit the topics above :

  • Under "Improve Ergonomy & accessibility", please explain the link to topic :
    • Using a microframework (Symfony's Silex? )
    • Should we try to share a Common plugin system, or support others? mediawiki ?, drupal ?, ...?
  • Please clarify:
    • Use/make ldap or Idp provider plugin (openid, cas, fusiondirectory, lemonldap, simplesamlphp )?
  • Rewrite FRS: use docman/tracker code model, link with hudson? link with SCM tags? link with artefact repository?
    • Rewrite Diary: make it a blog feature ? => following IRC discussion it appears nerville thinks of a big plan to rewrite PHP objects