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See also:
See also:
* [[Tools]]: tools and sites used by FusionForge developers
* [[Test_Suite]]: build and unit tests
* [[Meetings]]: identify active FusionForge contributors
* [[Meetings]]: identify active FusionForge contributors

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So you're interested in FusionForge? Great!

Here are the first steps to get involved:

  1. FusionForge-general mailing list: subscribe, and discuss with the FusionForge developers. Language is English.
  2. Development virtual machine: install FusionForge using this common development environment - it will be easier for us to help you if you use it.
    • Try to create a new project with a Git repository in your development virtual machine, using the FusionForge web interface.
  3. Check the Developer doc and the src/doc/ directory in the source code.
  4. Choose a task to work on and submit a patch (see how below)!

Here are ideas on what you can do to contribute:

Then read the Patch Policy and send your contribution to the patches tracker (Monitor). Contributions are licensed under the GNU GPL, see Licence.

See also: