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Project is the smallest unit of the organization in FusionForge. Project offers a way to initialize/setup/use features that FusionForge provides such as Source Control Management, trackers... among others.

Project Lifecycle

Create a project

Administrate a project

Private/Public project

A private project is a project that only exists for those who know that it has been created and that can only be seen by the people that are registered as members of this project. All members of a project have access to the source control Manager (SCM) and to the webspace of the project.

A public project appears in the list of project hosted on the forge. Anybody can find it using the search function, the project tree or a search engine and can browse all public items of the project. But a public project does not necessarily mean that all items of the project are public. The visibility of each item can be controlled item by item. For example, you could have a public tracker for bugs, a private tracker for security problems, and anonymous access to the source. The visibility of each item is controlled by the admin link that is accessible to the project's admins on the page showing the item.

Project visibility is a project attribute chosen at the start of the life of a project. Project administrators can change the visibility of their project by changing the properties of the Anonymous role.

This can be done in the project admin pages, in the section "Users and permissions". Set "Project visibility" to "visible" for the Anonymous role to make a project public. If the role does not exist, you should reference (link) the global Anonymous role from your project.

You should be aware that changing the visibility of a project does not change the visibility of the different elements of the forge you are using. After having made a project public, you will need to evaluate if you want to change the visibility of any other element (eg. your SCM repository or your bug tracking tools).

Template Project

Delete a project

Organize projects

Software Map