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Projects Hierarchy Plugin
This plugin allows to organize projects / sub-projects as father/sons, to be displayed in the 'projects' tab. Plugin available since FusionForge 4.7.x .
Plugin Changelog
Plugin Changelog for projects-hierarchy
Matrix by Fusionforge Version and by Linux Distribution
distribution\version 4.8.x 5.0.x 5.1.x 5.2.x 5.3.x 6.0.x 6.1.x master
Debian Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
CentOS Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y


  • List of features per FusionForge version, usage and requirements if any.
Feature Fusionforge Version Usage Requirement
Hierarchical Tree 4.8+ Browse projects using a tree between parent -> children. Configuration flag use_trove
Add Childrens 4.8+ Link projects --
Add a parent 4.8+ Link projects --
Project Hierarchy in Document_Management File listing view 5.2+ Includes children in file listing. Configuration flag use_docman
Project Hierarchy in Document_Management search view 6.1+ Include children in document search. Configuration flag use_docman


The projects-hierarchy page has goals beyond the hierarchy per se, like delegation of permissions between parent projects and children (currently not implemented).

Site admin

  • Activate the plugin : Site Admin > Plugin Manager > projects-hierarchy > Activate

Project admin

  • Activate the plugin in the parent project: Admin > Tools > Use Project Hierarchy
  • Activate the plugin in the child projects: Admin > Tools > Use Project Hierarchy
  • From the parent Project Information page, add new child projects
  • From the child Project Information page, validate the parent request

The parent/child relationships are now displayed on the project main page.


  • you can admin the docman hierarchy in docman admin page
  • you need at least 2 projects with the plugin enabled