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This plugin manages Git (git) code repositories for hosted projects.

Access Method

Simultaneous Smart HTTP and SSH methods are supported.

Personal repositories

It allows to create "personal repos" for project members inside projects. They allow publising (push) personal repos to fellow developers while not "polluting" the main shared repository of the project. To request personal repos, it requires read access to SCM feature of the project. It can be use to set up a gate-keeper approach.

Specific Provided Widgets


Each commit is displayed as activity in the Project activity page.

Nota: A git commit is identified by the email of the commiter. Therefore the email of the commiter must match an user email of the project to link the commit to a FusionForge user. FusionForge requires to set the configuration flag require_unique_email to be set to true to identify an user. If both conditions (email matching + configuration flag) are not fulfill then the By field of the activity will be empty.

The following widgets can be used to display activity:


ScmHook Plugin provides hooks for git.


  • scmgit/default_server (string): NOT USED. Default value: use $core/scm_host
  • scmgit/repos_path (string): where are located the Git repositories. Default value: use $core/chroot/scmrepos/git
  • scmgit/use_dav (boolean): whether to use WebDAV to push changes to the repositories.
  • scmgit/use_ssh (boolean): whether to use SSH to push changes to the repositories
  • scmgit/use_ssl (boolean): use of SSL for WebDAV access. Default value: use $core/use_ssl