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This plugin manages Mercurial (hg) code repositories for hosted projects.

Access Method

Simultaneous DAV HTTP and SSH methods are supported.

Specific Provided Widgets

  • Forge Homepage: None.
  • User personal Homepage: None.
  • Project Homepage: None.


Each commit is displayed as activity on Project activity tab. The following information are displayed:

  • Date
  • Commit message including changeset id. The link points directly to Hgweb integration page and specific changeset.
  • Name of the commiter. This information requires the require_unique_email configuration flag to be set.



This plugin is configured using the [scmhg] section.

  • default_server (string): NOT USED. Default value: use $core/scm_host
  • repos_path (string): where are located the Mercurial repositories. Default value: use $core/chroot/scmrepos/hg
  • use_dav (boolean): whether to use WebDAV to push changes to the repositories. Default value: yes
  • use_ssh (boolean): whether to use SSH to push changes to the repositories. Default value: yes.
  • use_ssl (boolean): use of SSL for WebDAV access. Default value: use $core/use_ssl