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FusionForge uses standard GNU gettext for its internationalisation system. This system is widely known amongst the i18n community, which removes the burden of having to learn a home-made translsation system.

As of end of March, 2010, there are a handful of languages with rather good translation status: French is 100% translated, Russian is about 80%, German is about 60%, and Spanish, Catalan, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese are all above 50%. Other languages with a reasonably good status include Basque, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Dutch and Swedish (all above 30%). These numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, though, as the untranslated strings are often the ones least frequently seen.

Potential translators are encouraged to create an account on the Pootle server and start to get a feel on how it works. It's designed to be usable by a wide range of users, from the occasional user who just wants to offer a suggestion for one string to the seasoned translator who can juggle *.po files blindfolded. Once you're familiar with the system, please ask Lolando to get the permissions required for committing.

The following languages are currently being worked on in Pootle:

  • French (the Friendly French Cabal)
  • Spanish (lcanas, marianoguerra, jfcastro, e1th0r)
  • Italian (reinhard)
  • German (mirabilos, Nilsius)
  • Simplified Chinese (markqiu)
  • Polish (pustelnik)

Translation rules

  • No HTML tags in translated strings except <a>, <b>, <i>, <em> and <strong>.
  • No more all CAPS word. Exceptions are acronyms like URL, HTML, etc.
  • If you need quotes, use smart quotes “like this” and not ASCII quotes "like that"; this will avoid many backslashes in *.po files and is nicer to read
  • A sentence ends by a period '.'
  • First letter of the first word has capital case.
  • We use only one colon ':' between level of information and message.
  • There is no space between level of information and the colon.
  • level of information + colon = one word.
  • There is one space between the colon and the message.
  • gettext must be used as much as possible. Add a comment in your code to specify when not using gettext.

To sort

The Debian i18n people are kindly hosting the FusionForge translation effort on their Pootle instance, and the results are regularly merged into the development code.

I always get lots in the DDTP which seems to superseed the previous Pootle install. Is there still any contribution happening there? Beuc (talk) 12:49, 15 March 2014 (CET)

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