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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Iñigo Martinez Contact Iñigo Martinez User
Chris Whalen Contact Chris Whalen User
Mark Mielke Contact Mark Mielke User
Chris Causer Contact Chris Causer User
Keith Byrne Contact Keith Byrne User
David Pilato Contact David Pilato User
Chris Dalzell Contact Chris Dalzell User
Miguel Pan Fidalgo Contact Miguel Pan Fidalgo User
Francisco Gimeno Contact Francisco Gimeno User
Christopher Duffin Contact Christopher Duffin User
Eric Raynond Contact Eric Raynond User
Matthew Tedder Contact Matthew Tedder User
Marcel Baur Contact Marcel Baur User
John Sposato Contact John Sposato User
Bijan Vakili Contact Bijan Vakili User
Luis Cañas Díaz Contact Luis Cañas Díaz User
Sami SMATI Contact Sami SMATI User
Régis Houssin Contact Régis Houssin User
Grégory Rocher Contact Grégory Rocher User
Thiago Oliveira Contact Thiago Oliveira User
Michael Kluge Contact Michael Kluge User
Bo Xie Contact Bo Xie User
Agusti Canals Contact Agusti Canals User
Jia-Bin Huang Contact Jia-Bin Huang User
Bot Account Contact Bot Account User
jerry foster Contact jerry foster User
Anne-Hélène T. Contact Anne-Hélène T. User
Laurène Vol Contact Laurène Vol User
Brijesh Haldia Contact Brijesh Haldia User
Nicholas Skaggs Contact Nicholas Skaggs User
Coiby Xu Contact Coiby Xu User
X L B Contact X L B User
M C Contact M C User
Hexcles Ma Contact Hexcles Ma User
Michiel De Keyzer Contact Michiel De Keyzer User
chen jianchang Contact chen jianchang User
Mario Hozano Contact Mario Hozano User
aurélien drai Contact aurélien drai User
Maikl1 Belich1 Contact Maikl1 Belich1 User
Olivier CHERRIER Contact Olivier CHERRIER User
Stéphane-Eymeric Bredthauer Contact Stéphane-Eymeric Bredthauer User
Xavier Cajas Delgado Contact Xavier Cajas Delgado User
J T Contact J T User
Emmanuel Sanni Contact Emmanuel Sanni User
Nicolas Guerinet Contact Nicolas Guerinet User
Vitaliy Pylypiv Contact Vitaliy Pylypiv User
Arnaud Beaumont Contact Arnaud Beaumont User
Lionel Bouchpan-Lerust-Juéry Contact Lionel Bouchpan-Lerust-Juéry User
Chen Chen Contact Chen Chen User
sieu truc Contact sieu truc User
Rudi van der Laan Contact Rudi van der Laan User
Tradeindia Developer Contact Tradeindia Developer User
Frederic Vima Contact Frederic Vima User
Benoit Hannebicq Contact Benoit Hannebicq User
Marco Ciampa Contact Marco Ciampa User
Priya Naik Contact Priya Naik User
c f Contact c f User
Christoph Niethammer Contact Christoph Niethammer User
Graham Miller Contact Graham Miller User
Wenceslas Petit Contact Wenceslas Petit User
Guy Morin Contact Guy Morin User
Andy Barnes Contact Andy Barnes User
H Kwong Contact H Kwong User
Christian Bayle Contact Christian Bayle User
Patches 621 Mailman plugin 126 Months Ago 126 Months Ago
Feature requests 57 "My page" should provide a list of subscriptions to lists ("My lists") 178 Months Ago 174 Months Ago
Alain Peyrat Contact Alain Peyrat User
Roland Mas Contact Roland Mas Admin
Franck Villaume Contact Franck Villaume Admin
Patches 490 fix time entries adding and deleting 144 Months Ago 108 Months Ago
Patches 283 MantisBT plugin: unofficial patchs 161 Months Ago 148 Months Ago
Support requests 968 Missing install documentation 30 Months Ago 25 Months Ago
yael bessoud Contact yael bessoud Contributor, Doc Writer
Mourad ALIA Contact Mourad ALIA Doc Writer
LACOSTE Pierre Contact LACOSTE Pierre Contributor
Marc-Etienne VARGENAU Contact Marc-Etienne VARGENAU Contributor
Guillaume Smet Contact Guillaume Smet Contributor
Olivier Meunier Contact Olivier Meunier Contributor
Benoît Debaenst Contact Benoît Debaenst Contributor, hudsonaccess
Philip Schwartz Contact Philip Schwartz Contributor
Gonéri Le Bouder Contact Gonéri Le Bouder Contributor
Julien HEYMAN Contact Julien HEYMAN Contributor, hudsonaccess
Olaf Lenz Contact Olaf Lenz Contributor
Mélanie Le Bail Contact Mélanie Le Bail Contributor
Olivier Leal Contact Olivier Leal Contributor
Thomas Labourdette Contact Thomas Labourdette Contributor
Narayan Raum Contact Narayan Raum Contributor
Marc Nazarian Contact Marc Nazarian Contributor
Antoine Mercadal Contact Antoine Mercadal Contributor
Joseph Joffrin Contact Joseph Joffrin Contributor
christian bac Contact christian bac Contributor
Patrick Apel Contact Patrick Apel Contributor
Ralf Habacker Contact Ralf Habacker Contributor, TrackerGod
Grégory Cuellar Contact Grégory Cuellar Contributor
carole pryfer Contact carole pryfer Contributor
Timo Pick Contact Timo Pick Contributor
Jose Angel Diaz Diaz Contact Jose Angel Diaz Diaz Contributor
Yannick L Contact Yannick L Contributor
FusionForge Buildbot Contact FusionForge Buildbot Contributor
Matthieu Faure Contact Matthieu Faure Contributor
Laurent HUET Contact Laurent HUET Developer
Olivier Berger Contact Olivier Berger Developer, hudsonaccess
Feature requests 755 Export metadata compatible with ADMS Application Profile for Joinup 113 Months Ago 112 Months Ago
Feature requests 328 [doaprdf] Add a link between DOAP profile and the OSLC ServiceProvider profile 155 Months Ago 155 Months Ago
Feature requests 326 [projects-hierarchy] Support hierarchies of non-local subprojects too 155 Months Ago 155 Months Ago
Sabri LABBENE Contact Sabri LABBENE Developer
Bugs 258 [plugin/oslc] required application/xml should not be rendered as application/rdf+xml 163 Months Ago 163 Months Ago
Bugs 257 [plugin/oslc] XML representations should include XML header 163 Months Ago 163 Months Ago
Bugs 236 [plugin/oslc] should accept queries for application/rdf+xml 164 Months Ago 145 Months Ago
Bugs 230 [plugin/oslc] Please fix some properties predicate names in JSON 164 Months Ago 164 Months Ago
Feature requests 62 Support OSLC-CM API to ease integration with ALM platforms 177 Months Ago 164 Months Ago
Thorsten Glaser Contact Thorsten Glaser Developer
Madhumita Dhar Contact Madhumita Dhar Developer
Feature requests 323 Provide OAuth client code 156 Months Ago 155 Months Ago
Feature requests 78 Provide support for OAuth 175 Months Ago 161 Months Ago