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292Mailman list admin should be granted to project adminsNobodyOlivier BergerMedium
58Should have full text, full site, search, including plugins.NobodyGrafton KennedyComplex
62Support OSLC-CM API to ease integration with ALM platformsSabri LABBENEOlivier BergerMedium
69provide sympa instead of mailmanNobodyOlivier BergerMedium
78Provide support for OAuthMadhumita DharOlivier BergerMedium
80Support various protocols for SSO, delegated authz, etc through SimpleSAMLPhpNobodyOlivier BergerMedium
81Make it optional to have domains per projectChristian BayleOlivier BergerMedium
82Provide standardized path-like REST friendly URLs for tools, views, artifacts (projects, users) of the forgeNobodyOlivier BergerNone
83Give full admin right to first created accountNobodyAlain PeyratMedium
87Centralize all global variablesRoland MasOlivier BergerMedium
94Ability to delete Canned Responses and turn on/off via AdminNobodyJeff SchlaybachSimple
96Color coded Project TabsNobodyJeff SchlaybachNone
97Ability to add 'Observers' to a tracker item via cc:NobodyJeff SchlaybachNone
126"Subversion Repository Browser" cartridge would be better located up in the SCM pageNobodyOlivier BergerSimple
149auto assign feature for extra fieldsNobodyRalf HabackerNone
156Use GNU Rush (or some other restricted shell) for usersNobodyRoland MasNone
157Support multiples SCM_BOXNobodyFranck VillaumeComplex
189Enable self-approbation for project creation NobodySébastien CampionNone
209enable moving trackers across projects.NobodyKeith de SollaNone
211FF ability to allow hypertext in text box or new widgetsNobodyJeff SchlaybachSimple
215Provide "(?)" help links for custom fieldsNobodyJeff SchlaybachNone
216Ability to reorder how custom fields are displayed to user in trackersNobodyJeff SchlaybachNone
220Add version of FF to icons NobodyJeff SchlaybachSimple
227Project import mechanismNobodyOlivier BergerComplex
231Gantt chart does not use dependenciesNobodyH STNone
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