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Auto Assign Feature for extra fields

I'm on the way to migrate a sourceforge clone running since 2001 (http://webdev.cegit.sag.de/) with about 200 members to fusionforge because of the good design, the additional features and extensibility.

One of the main issues while migrating is that fusion forge do not have the tracker item "autoassign" feature which is in the last public domain sourceforge code.

This feature allows to auto assign newly added tracker items to a specific project member depending on the value of the selected category.

fusionforge tracker do not support tracker item categories directly, they have to be implemented by adding an extra field.

For my personal needs it would be enough to add a ugly hack in the fusion forge code base to get it running, but I think a common solution for such a feature would be better.

The solution I can imagine is by adding an additional tracker extra field type 'autoassign'. This non visual extra field type could be added to a tracker.

Elements of such an extra field type will have three attributes:

  1. extra field reference - reference to the related extra field (drop down box)
  2. extra field element - value of the related extra field (drop down box)
  3. project member to assign - list of project member with tracker tech and/or admin access rights (drop down box)

After adding or changing auto assign rules an inconsistant check should be performed. Also there may be some checks required if extra fields are deleted or changed.

On tracker item creation the presence of the auto extra field type is determined, the auto assign rules are evaluated and the tracker item assignment will set if no manual assignment have been choosen.

Any thoughts ?

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Ralf Habacker
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Date: 2016-08-27 13:12
Sender: Franck Villaume

implemented and available in master branch. To be part on the next major version.

Date: 2011-09-29 11:20
Sender: Aaron Nottbeck

I think that feature would be a nice enhancement to the Tracker Option "Send email on new submission to address:"

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