[#481] Delete file in tracker also delete user's comments



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Steps to reproduce (bug founded on version 5.0.2):

  1. Create a new tracker.
  2. Write a comment, add a file and save all.
  3. Edit tracker, mark file to delete, save all.

The file will be deleted, but the user's comment also.

The bug is on tracker.php. After delete the file, the system call Artifact.class.php -> remMessage() method. In my environment, I have removed the call.

PS: sorry by my poor english.

Regards, Thiago Oliveira Brazilian user

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Thiago Oliveira
Date Submitted: 2012-07-21 17:45
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Date Closed: 2014-02-07 13:30
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Assigned to: Franck Villaume (nerville)
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Date: 2014-02-07 13:30
Sender: Franck Villaume

feature reenabled in branch53. Since then, I cannot reproduce your bug in 5.3 I set fix in 5.3.

commit in branch53: bd831c4347a90c9c5c4120e29fdcee5fb6cdd05f commit in master: 843ca6d6ca0850218baf38ebd7fbcae349033772

Please reopen if need.

Date: 2013-03-10 12:33
Sender: Franck Villaume

since 5.1, you cannot delete a file anymore... The code has been commented.

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