[#644] forge_get_config doesn't need to connect to the database



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forgegetconfig config_path

FusionForge Could Not Connect to Database:

This may cause issues when e.g. the database is not running or not installed yet (packaging bootstrap). This also makes multiple calls to forgegetconfig (in scripts) quite slow because they initiate a DB connection everytime.

There's a workaround with:

FUSIONFORGENOPLUGINS=true forgegetconfig config_path


FUSIONFORGENOPLUGINS=true forgegetconfig plugin_status hudson


but as you can see this doesn't make sense (the plugins are not disabled, and we don't want to disable the plugins, just not load the DB unless necessary).

How do you think we should initiate database-free forgegetconfig ?

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Sylvain Beucler
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Date: 2014-03-18 21:17
Sender: Beuc ^^

Introducing FUSIONFORGENODB with the currently same effect.

Date: 2014-03-17 13:26
Sender: Sylvain Beucler

Another situation where we want access to the config without the DB is when running non-privileged scripts (hooks, scripts run by www-data...).

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