[#661] Enabling plugin very slow for projects with a site admin



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Switching from git to svn in our "siteadmin" seems to create zillions DELETE requests on nss_usergroups.

I see that: Group->setPluginUse(scmsvn, 1) -> Group->normalizeAllRoles()

This calls something like: sysGroupAddUser -> sysGroupCheckUser -> sysGroupRemoveUser (checkuser seems to remove and re-add users in all cases)

Everything looks sensible on a local point of view, but in the big picture, I'm triggering around 10 000 SQL queries per siteadmin member (5000 projects to quit and rejoin in a row).


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Sylvain Beucler
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 08:17
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Date: 2014-05-15 14:04
Sender: Sylvain Beucler

Some optimization done in a02c2423f58a65adb811a8d3156b17bd982880a9

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