[#73] Docman doesn't handle URL anymore



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It is not possible to use an URL in docman anymore. The code to display it seems to remain but it is not possible to create a new one.

The code seems to have been commented when "federicot" fixed bug #1422: https://fusionforge.org/scm/viewvc.php?view=rev&root=fusionforge&revision=5828

I cannot access GForge description of bug #1422 (require login/password and I am not even sure that this is a GForge bug).

Maybe this is intended -- if so, just close the bug.

Regards Sylvain Le Gall

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Sylvain Le Gall
Date Submitted: 2009-12-14 10:23
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Last Modified: 2017-11-02 20:00
Date Closed: 2010-10-23 13:36
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Assigned to: Alain Peyrat (aljeux)
State: Closed
Priority: 3
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Date: 2010-10-23 13:35
Sender: Franck Villaume

fixed in the new UI, as well in backend. webdav handling need to be improved. Works with GET. PROPFIND need proper filetype.

Date: 2009-12-15 20:38
Sender: Alain Peyrat

will fix that for 5.0

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Franck Villaume
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Franck Villaume
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Franck Villaume
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Franck Villaume
ResolutionAccepted As Bug2010-10-23 13:35
Franck Villaume
assigned_tonone2009-12-15 20:38
Alain Peyrat
ResolutionNone2009-12-15 20:38
Alain Peyrat

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