[#904] Activity tab : users are not reported in scm activity entries



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For a project, in the activity tab, the differents activities related to the project are reported. Although the user is appropriately reported for FRS events for instance, SCM-related events appear with empty "By" fields.

This may be related to another issue: users are found to have no activity in statistics.

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Arnaud Beaumont
Date Submitted: 2018-12-05 11:40
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Franck Villaume
Last Modified: 2018-12-10 14:50
Date Closed: 2018-12-10 14:50
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Date: 2018-12-10 14:50
Sender: Franck Villaume

Not a bug then :-)

Date: 2018-12-10 10:45
Sender: Arnaud Beaumont

Ok indeed the flag was not set anyware so the default false was set. I set it to true and the By filed is now populated with the id of commiters, thank you !

Date: 2018-12-07 19:05
Sender: Franck Villaume

I updated the [wiki:SCMGitPlugin] page to clarify this point. By the way, the [wiki:Project_activity/6.1] was already mentioning that the *By* field can be empty.

Date: 2018-12-07 18:58
Sender: Franck Villaume

I forgot to mention it requires to set the configuration flag requireuniqueemail to true. By default, this flag is set to false. Can you check your configuration?

Date: 2018-12-07 14:54
Sender: Arnaud Beaumont

I have at least one example of a user (me) who has the same email in his git configuration (git config -l, field user.email / can be double-checked in Fusionforge's SCM) and in Fusionforge (in My page/My account/Email address).

Date: 2018-12-07 12:44
Sender: Franck Villaume

In a git commit, user is identify by his email. Can you check if user has the same email in his git configuration and in your Fusionforge instance ?

If the email is different, we cannot link the commit to the user, hense no activity in statistics for the user.

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