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Closed: 14 (100%)


Closed: 13 (100%)
Closed [#290]Mediawiki icon missing.
Closed [#632]scripts register-plugin/unregister-plugin not present into release fusionforge-5.2.3.tar.bz2
Closed [#640]Docman : Extract documents and directories as an archive : empty folder at the root of the zip file
Closed [#642]Docman : Mass actions : does't work on IE8
Closed [#661]Enabling plugin very slow for projects with a site admin
Closed [#666]user.unix_status modified from admin/useredit.php regardless if they are added to a project group or not
Closed [#668]Wrong link in tracker eMails
Closed [#670]docman: list of documents has height=0 when there's a pending document
Closed [#675]tracker roadmap: 404 on ajax-loader.gif
Closed [#678]Corrupted svnroot-access if postgresql is restart
Closed [#682]docman: forge search does not respect roles access
Closed [#683]hudson: widget Jobs does not respect roles
Closed [#686]Forum: monitor when not logged


Closed: 1 (100%)
Closed [#564]Update german translation