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roadmap: 5.3.2
Closed: 13 (100%)


Closed: 12 (100%)
Closed [#687]Project name with html characters
Closed [#688]Tracker: possible bug in extrafield for multilanguage support
Closed [#691]tying to create a new theme causes errror:
Closed [#702]docman: views not incremented
Closed [#711]Project members list public even if project is private
Closed [#712]Added tracker extra_field not mass updatebale
Closed [#715]activity: scmsvn commits display sql error on first commit
Closed [#717]SCM reporting stats: wrong data reported
Closed [#718]SCM reporting graph: legend exceed graph canvas
Closed [#721]scmhg plugin: iframe size too small
Closed [#722]scmhg plugin: user stats duplicated in case of cronjob rerun
Closed [#723]scmhg plugin: use_ssl not used


Closed: 1 (100%)
Closed [#714]fix shift in activity svn logs