Meet the Cloud, Devops, Infrastructure team@projetmoustache from @microsoftfrance #OSSPARIS19 #cloudnative track leader 20 years in #IT #opensource contributor Main maintainer @fusionforge @Azure architect Team - 6 months ago
Thx for this decade of contribution! @projetmoustache @christianbayle @olberger @aljeux … - 7 months ago
Are you ready to improve #fusionforge #accessibility? A lot to do on this topic!  from @webaim might be the right tool to use! #community #help - 9 months ago
Big rewrite on-going of the @fusionforge Quota Management Plugin. Follow the #git changelog;a=history;f=src/plugins/quota_management;hb=HEAD … to get all detail. Thk @projetmoustache for the work! - 9 months ago
Playing with @PostgreSQL and date functions to improve @fusionforge and diary feature (aka blog). - 11 months ago
Definitely @fusionforge as contributor. - 12 months ago
debian 9 source installation functional test suite: checked! … - 12 months ago
Servers are back online. Sorry for inconvenience. - About one year
Heavy work on-going to upgrade the test suite to latest Selenium + geckodriver + phpunit-selenuim. - About one year
Initial code to monitor users (followers/following) from 2001 back to life! @fusionforge let you follow activities of projects and users. - About one year